Regeneration: Stronger || Sexier || Cooler

Back to regular scheduling!  As you can see, I decided to jump in front of the professional lens again and have some fun turning my thoughts into visuals.  As much as individuality is celebrated more and more in society, it's still so easy to fall victim and believe other people's interpretations of your uniqueness. I say throw up the deuces to them! I found myself almost consumed by what others thought of me for many, many years but I'm growing more and more to love all the different parts of my personality and how I represent it outwardly.

I am still the biggest advocate of colour but I chose all black fits because I wanted it to be representative of taking it back to basics - the very essence of anyone's beauty cannot be based solely on how they look outwardly but the spirit they hold within. Never judge a person but their cover but by their character. 
Heels - Nicholas Kirkwood
Sometimes, I want to kick it in my tee and jeans and keep it low maintenance.  Sometimes, I want to dress up and the curves naturally come alive.  Sometimes I strip down to the bare essentials and fight out my insecurities in ways that are my personal therapy.  They are all very different parts of my personality but I embrace them all because they are underpinned by a spirit of happiness, with the intention to bring joy to those I meet and wanting to encourage others to love themselves.

I had the chance to work with my dear friend Ininaa back in February to bring this to life and loved every minute of it!  Even though I was 2 ½ hours late *face palm* she was patient, supportive and maaaaan, does she know how to get those angles!  Safe to say though, I much prefer life behind the lens -  I can be so awkward!  She is available for bookings so contact me if you want a quote :D

Photography by Ininaa Camp